April 25, 2024

Monday Marriage Matters: Pursuit

If you have not noticed, I am an advocate for marriage. My freshman year of college was when I gave my life completely to God, and as I learned more on His truths and how to daily walk with Him and live out His love, God began preparing my heart for marriage. Marriage was something I was passionate about, and that meant I was reading all the new books/old books on the subject. I also began a journal to my future husband (before knowing who he was, which was not revealed to me until 3 years later) then I gave to my husband on our wedding night to read. I prayed for my mystery future husband, and always titled in my journals–future husband, even if I was dating someone throughout those years of college. I made a list of qualities I wanted in a man/husband/father, and prayed over those traits, and in Gods timing, when His light showered down on my future husband there would be no mistake. It was evident, it was clear, and it was consuming.:)

We all have a story, we all have a process where we were pursued, and we all treasure those first moments with the one we were to marry. There is no accident and there is no trickery when two people vow before God their commitment to one another. It is easy to believe once married for awhile and the newness of the pursuit wears off, you were deceived. Let me assure you, those are lies. But, there are truths you can cling to when tempted with thoughts of leaving your spouse emotionally or physically.

  • your spouse is not the enemy. the deceiver of this world is the enemy. “sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” Gen. 4:7 What cycle of sin keeps reoccurring in your own marriage? And how will you master it together as a husband and wife?
  • this next statement goes completely against what the world tell us to do when our relationships go sour….. “Paul says in Romans 15 that we should not please ourselves, because, on the cross, Christ did not please himself” –Timothy Keller.
  • commit to serving one another rather than getting caught up in the others happiness, there we will find a deeper and glorious happiness.
My relationship with my husband has been one of the most rewarding and hardest relationship I’ve ever had. And I am not saying it is hard because my husband treats me bad, it has been hard because it takes diligence, it takes perseverance, it reveals my weaknesses, it takes devotion, it requires forgiveness and unfailing love. These are all things that take work. And the reward may not come until the end of the day, or until you make it through a storm, but, I can attest the reward it so fulfilling. There is hope in what you are thinking is a “so called” marriage, but today I ask for you to feel the warmth of the Son burn out the fog thats blinding your marriage from the truth of God.
I will ask again: What cycle of sin keeps reoccurring in your own marriage? And how will you master it together as a husband and wife?
Be silent before the Lord.
Zeph. 1:7
Anna Pociask, MA

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