May 26, 2024

…defined Democracy.

We hear a lot these days from the politicians about conservative and liberty minded ideals being a “threat to democracy,” and it’s important to understand that politicians use the word “democracy” very deliberately and with specific intent. America has never been a pure democracy, and for good reason. Democracy is rule by the mob; it is 51% of society lording over the other 49%. It is tyranny of the majority.

The founders of our nation described America as a Constitutional Republic. Not once in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill Of Rights or the Constitution is the word “democracy” used. Not once. America is not a democracy because our system was intended to protect individual rights regardless of majority opinion. Majority rule was never the plan of the founders, and since they risked their lives centuries ago to create this country their viewpoints are far more important than those of woke activists in 2022 who have never done anything of value.

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