May 26, 2024

Do Your Dreams Effect Your Reality?

I had a recent experience while taking Nyquil’s new line – ZzzQuil – that resulted in a “morning after” effect, if you will.

I had a GLORIOUS dream in which Ryan Reynolds wanted to be with me. I wish I could say this was my first, but alas. The kicker in this particular scenario was that I happened to be 9 months pregnant with my second child. This leaves me to believe that he must have [obviously] loved my personality… or is just one of those fetish guys. Either way, he wanted a piece of this baby makin’ machine. *twist arm*

Hang on. I’m reliving my dream. *sigh*

Ok I’m back…

As great as my night’s sleep was, I found myself overly irritable at my sweet husband the next day. Why was this? Was I disappointed in the fact that he didn’t, in fact, kill vampires for a living? Or that he didn’t need his skates to show off his talents? Or that he didn’t save the world from a creepy evil cloud thingy while wearing a green spandex suit? (yum)

In saying all this, I sure do love my husband and have no doubt in my mind that he far exceeds the man that Sir Reynolds could ever be, but why the next morning b*tchassness?

I think I will play it safe and chalk this one up to the sleep-aid medicine.

I shame you, ZzzQuil!

… but will see you next time my husband goes out of town. 😉


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