April 21, 2024

What’s in a Name?

So, Say you work for a company that operates a call center and your job is to call and verify perspective leads for education.

You come across a person who’s name is Jesus. You start to think:

Do I call this person and just ask for Jesus? OR, Hi, is the son of God available??

Is it really Jesus?
Is it Hesus? (Hay-zeus)

Or do i just skip over that as if It were never there?

Did I just make myself sound like a complete idiot??

majorly confused.


  1. The first time I came across this name I called him Jesus as in the name of our lord and savior. But was then informed it was hay-zeus. But better than that one try fattum and yes i called her fat um lol it was actually pronounced fay tume so hope you have never called someone fat um.

  2. Haha, that is hilarious! Hey Fatty, wanna join the Army? lol

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