May 26, 2024

School Shooting

So Say Your kid attends a school that has been recently reported for having a shooting present. They tell you that you are not allowed to come and get your child. How do you react?


So, Say You want to go out for NYE, last minute. Where should you go? City? Local Bar?

Cheater Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

So, Say You married a cheater and you are now at a crossroads for Divorce. Do you stay with him, now that he is singing a different tune and hope he is really wanting to be the man he proclaims? Or do you start fresh with someone new, only for it to probably happen again.

To Text or Not to Text…

So, say you’re really feeling this guy but he never contacts you FIRST. However, when you contact HIM, he will chat you up. At what point do you stop making the first move and realize that it’s possible that “He’s just not that into you?”

Is Age Really Just A Number?

So, say you’re talking to a guy who is 18 years older than you. At what point is it TOO much of a difference?

Craigslist Killer

So, Say You are needing to sell some household items and you put them on Craigslist. You get many responses but how do you distinguish the real leads from the murderous ones?

On the open road

So, say you REALLY want to plan some trips to see your bestie, but yet your budget doesn’t quite make the cut to fund these trips. What are some ways to earn extra income without workin’ the streets or swingin’ the poles??

Pinching Pennies

So, Say you are REALLY trying to save money but the holidays are creeping up once again. What are some good and creative ways to get your friends and families gifts for Christmas (that they will actually want) and still not break the bank? SHARE YOUR IDEAS PEOPLE!

Buddies known as “F”

So, Say You have a friend whom you like to have sex with. You somehow manage to remain friends throughout this ordeal, however when alcohol flows freely… sex. Is this going to end badly? Should we cut our F-ing ties and stick to playing wingman for one another?

So, Say You like little girls…

Do you think this is a true sickness? A simple, personal choice? Or is the Devil at play?