April 21, 2024

Buddies known as “F”

So, Say You have a friend whom you like to have sex with. You somehow manage to remain friends throughout this ordeal, however when alcohol flows freely… sex. Is this going to end badly? Should we cut our F-ing ties and stick to playing wingman for one another?


  1. Typically these situations end with someone getting hurt. It is rare you can be so intimate and feelings not develop on at least one side. There is also the factor that this relationship can prevent you from find what you are looking for. If you fall to this “friend” for sex and do not see a potential relationship there then how are you going to find a actual boyfriend or girlfriend and will you expect them to trust you with this so called “friend”? Basically, if you can have sex and just sex and it works for you… then more power to you! In my opinion you might be cock blocking yourself.

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