July 16, 2024


So, Say you have coworkers, both male and female who share bathrooms and every time you go to use the restroom, the mother truckin toilet paper roll is EMPTY!

You must drip dry in order to waddle over to get a new roll and sometimes you STILL get pee pee on your pants. Grrrrr

How hard is it to take 30 seconds to refill the toilet paper??


  1. Sorry guy, us girls just use a lot of TP. And, you should replace the roll, since you are the man.

  2. So say you have a lot of female co-workers. Why does the bathroom look like it was rolled in TP half the time? 😉

  3. I hear you on the bathroom etiquette. I work with people who have not heard of a double flush when necessary. EWWWW.

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