April 21, 2024

A new twist on the modern day tampon

Do you suffer from menstrual leakage? Embarrassing foul odor?  Well we have the solution for you!

A female follower asked our thoughts today about  a new product called the “Softcup” which is a healthier and more convenient tool per say, for women to use while on their periods in lieu of the dreaded, bulky pad or uncomfortable tampon.

Softcup  is a flexible cup that is worn internally, around your cervix. It collects, rather than absorbs menstrual flow. Softcup fits inside the vagina just like a regular tampon. The cup fits under the cervix and directly behind the pubic bone and IF placed correctly, you should not be able to feel it.

Each softcup lasts for up to 12 hours before having to be replaced. (View insertion tutorial here.)

The softcup collects your menstruation instead of absorbing it like a regular tampon does, therefore, there is no foul odor or mess.

Some added PROS:

  • You can have sex with it in for less of a mess. (*scratch eyes*– What?!!?)
  • Eliminates odor due to the fact that it does not get absorbed by air
  • Lasts for up to 12 hours so you spend less money than regular pads and tampons.

We have a few friends that  have actually tried this product out. For more information on this product, click here or visit their website at www.softcup.com.

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