July 14, 2024

Pros and Cons of the Softcup Menstrual Cup

After hearing about Softcup from a friend and after reading about the pros, I decided to try them.  I’ve had my third cycle and here are some thoughts.  A little note, I have a light cycle with my heaviest day being the first day.  On my first day for all three cycles, I wore the cups for 8 – 9 hours.  The second and third day, I wore them for the full 12 hours.  That’s a total of 6 Softcups!  Normally, I’d go through 6 tampons on my first day!

Cost – I am still on my first box of Softcup after 3 cycles.  I can’t remember the quantity purchased, but they cost me about $6 for the box at Walmart.

Odors – We all know the odors that come along with tampons…even the scented ones.  SoftCups do not have the same odors since it the fluids aren’t exposed to the air.

Insertion – Insertion can be a little tricky the first time.  I have used NuvaRing in the past and it’s very similar to that.  The cup should slide into place after you insert it.  As soon as you move, you will know if it is in place or not.  If you feel it, it is not in place.  If that’s the case, simply push it until it slides into place.

Leakage – I haven’t experienced any leakage, but they say if you have a heavy flow the cup could overflow and leak out.  I would imagine that if you have a heavy flow and the cup fills up that removal could be a little messier too.  Also, the longer you leave the cup in the fuller it will be.

Removal – Removal is quite easy and wasn’t messy at all.  You simply “fish” the cup out by inserting and hooking it with your finger.  Depending on your position, it may rub against your wall and be uncomfortable.  If that’s the case, try lifting or lowering a leg or even squatting to change the angle.  Be sure not to push the bottom of the cup up since that will push the fluids out.  Learned that the hard way.

Disposal – A huge bonus is Softcup are biodegradable.  Simply wrap in toilet paper or insert back into the pouch and toss.  You can empty the fluids into the toilet to eliminate the odor from the fluids and air.

I haven’t tried sex yet, but I have worn while traveling and while in the pool and on the boat.  Just knowing that I didn’t have to worry about running to the restroom every few hours was wonderful!

Consider your first month your test month and be sure to try them a second month. This allows you to learn about how to position the cup and to learn your flow so you know how long you can wear the cups.  Be sure to wear a pantyliner until you know your flow.

Review by Tiffany

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