April 25, 2024

The $5 dollar saving plan

So, I have seen this circulate around the web several times and didn’t really think much of it. I’ve seen several relevant articles relating money to fitness as well, but again, never took the time to really read much into it.

With planning a wedding, saving for vacations, wanting a totally new wardrobe, it seems to me that I NEEDED a savings plan. Now rarely do I carry cash on me. I am a swipe and pay kinda gal… but with this new plan to save some mullah, having cash on me is essential.

The Plan of Action:

Every time you come across a $5 dollar bill, go ahead and put it away in a special jar or box. Don’t touch this money, even in the case of an emergency until you have completed the allotted time frame in which you set for yourself to save. SIMPLE AS THAT! (It will add up faster than you think if you actually contribute often! )

Just working on my fitness:

Now the other thing you can do that I’m sure you’ve all seen is use this method for reaching your fitness goals. You can add change, $1, or even $5 every time you work out and that gives you better momentum to keep continuing! Once you have reached your weight loss goal, take the money and treat yourself to a nice, big chocolate molten cake! Just make sure you save enough to put that 2 pounds you gained back in the jar. 🙂

Make this a FUN thing to do so that you keep on doing it!

Cheers! xoxo

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