May 26, 2024

TGIF? ugh…

So, Say you wake up on Friday and are PUMPED for the obvious…it’s Friday! You get to work and you’re sweet husband brings you a Starbucks – what a TREAT! You sit down at your computer, look at the list of the 972 things that HAVE to be done today, look over and reach for your friendly Starbucks to console you and BOOM – Grande Non Fat No Whip White Mocha all over your desk.

Do you –
A. Quit your job and leave the mess
B. Jump out your 5th Floor Window
C. Stare at it for 30 seconds in hopes that ‘that’ didn’t really just happen
D. Giggle at the silly thing that just took place and skip to the kitchen for paper towels

In this instance, I went with C – with a side contemplation of A + B

…still haven’t given up on B. The day is still young.

Happy Friday?

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