July 16, 2024

Tabata training: the 411

Tabata training: Myth or miracle workout?

Tabata training has been around for some time now as it was originated from the exercise research of Dr. Izumi Tabata. He used a very specific interval training circuit where he had cyclists perform 20 seconds as fast and hard as they could with only 10 seconds to rest in between circuits. He had them repeat this 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off 8 times. The workout was thus named after its creator.

I have used tabata a handful of times myself and the workout was amazing… ly hard! I never expected to be drenched in sweat after 4 minutes of exercise. 4 MINUTES! That is all it took and I felt like I had taken a 2 hour cardio class.

The key to getting results quick with Tabata training is high intensity intervals with maximum effort the entire circuit. Tabata training doesn’t just have to be cardio endured. It can be used with any type of training involving weights, plyometrics, elliptical, treadmill, jumping rope or running. A 2009 study from Journal of Applied Physiology  found that young men cycling to maximum effort for four bouts of 30 seconds with four minutes of rest doubled their metabolic rate for three full hours after training.

If you are really pushing through and maintaining MAXIMUM efforts for the entire 20 seconds each round, you should be dying after this workout.

Here you see a tabata upper body workout. 20 seconds hard core, everything you got. 10 seconds rest, and trust me, 10 seconds of rest will feel more like 2 seconds. PUSH THROUGH.

Tabata is so good for boosting your metabolism. It raises your heart rate 90-95% higher than regular cardio. Now, this method should not replace your regular workouts. You should do this about3-4 times a week along with your regular workouts.

Tabata training in the video below uses weights for fat loss and muscle tone.  Again, 20 seconds as quickly as you can, with rest for 10. It looks pretty easy, right? Just wait till around the 3rd minute. 🙂

So you can see that you can use this method of working out with just about any type of training. REMEMBER to consistently use the following tabata method:

  • 20 seconds maximum effort
  • 10 seconds rest

Repeat this cycle at LEAST 8 times. The longer you do this, the higher up you will see yourself being able to rep. You always want to keep pushing yourself so that your body develops muscle confusion. Your body will adapt to the same continuous exercises, so mix your workouts up and always keep your muscles guessing.

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