July 16, 2024

Single Moms Dating Scene

Single moms finding love

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Single moms this is for you! Match.com just published results from a recent survey that revealed the top 10 locations where single mothers have had the highest success finding love.

Match also revealed that 21% of single parents in the US are dating while only 16% of the childless are dating. I guess people are more likely to want a co parent than those of us like myself who are not so sure being single is a bad thing.

Below is our list cities where single moms rule the dating scene. Our list contains the top 10 locations where single women with children have had the most success meeting someone through Match.com compared to their childless peers.

I am not sure what is going on over in the east coast but is seems a lot milf action no? Proud to say a southern city made the list. I don’t have kids but if I did it appears I could increase my chances of getting gotten by taking a little trip over to Alpharetta.

  1. Yonkers, NY
  2. Alpharetta, GA
  3. Newport News, VA
  4. Beverly Hills, CA
  5. New Haven, CT
  6. Schenectady, NY
  7. Olympia, WA
  8. Fairfax, VA
  9. Green Bay, WI
  10. Rockville, MD

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