July 14, 2024

Shake Your Money Maker….

So, Say You have scheduled a dance lesson with a company known for teaching women how to “strip tease” and “pole dance.” What might one wear to a “class” such as this?


  1. Well, It depend if there will be pictures? Flash Dance comes to mind…..
    I would say something that will cover your money maker unless you actually plan on making dollars. (no loose shorts)

  2. Be prepared to be spinning and pulling yourself up on the pole. Stick to clothes that won’t show your goodies. If you’ll be spinning, you may want to wear some capris or leg warmers – if you don’t spin properly, your legs will rub on the pole. Also, plan for sweat. Strippin ain’t easy!

  3. What’s a money maker?

  4. lol. Amanda…. are you for real?

  5. i guess the amanda girl doesn’t use hers for making money..

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