June 22, 2024

Shady Facebook Guy

FaceBookOh facebook… it can end a relationship as quick as it can start one. I am a little torn on the subject. In one way i respect guys who don’t have one because they don’t want to deal with the drama and the potential problems it may cause but on the other hand it raises suspicion. I mean.. everyone has a facebook these days. I can give three examples.

Exhibit A

He has a facebook but EVERYTHING is private.  His wall, pictures… everything. Sometimes it goes back and forth depending on his mindset or relationship status at the time. Granted you may not even know of his change in relationship status even if you are the other party in the relationship… feel me? I am sorry but there is only one reason for a guy to have a facebook and a normal number of friends and have everything hidden. He still wants the social connection but he doesn’t want everyone to know about the connection with the other. Run from this one! Run fast.

Exhibit B

He only has 10 friends. None of which are family and probably are not close friends either. This page may not be searchable and he may use a strange name… like the middle name or the full first name that they don’t go by. This guy may use  a picture other than himself as there profile. Common alternatives might be a random object or baby photo of some random child or just not picture at all. Ladies… this is shady behavior. It’s a good sign that they have multiple accounts and multiple lives. Now if he had five friends and his mom is one of them… you might be safe.

Exhibit C

He doesn’t have a page due to “work” . This can be legitimate in some professions. Some people may genuinely not want to deal with it…  I have dated people who didn’t have one because it caused problems in a past relationship (so they say). One ex said his ex girlfriend created a page for him he didn’t know about. (EEEK). I have considered not having one because it takes up too much time. So maybe he doesn’t want to consume time out of each day obsessing over things that just don’t matter. That being said there are plenty of professionals who have no problem maintaining a facebook without causing problems.

Exhibit A and B you can be pretty sure they are up to no good…. Exhibit C you are going to have to use your gut ladies. We have good instinct usually. Try not to be overly cautious because of your past relationship baggage, but don’t be a dumb ass either. If you smell smoke… there is probably fire.


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