July 16, 2024

DIY Key Ring Holder

Today I want to talk about a super easy DIY project – A Personalized Key Ring Holder (inspiration here).
I started with a trip to our friendly neighborhood Hobby Lobby. I am convinced I pay their light bill.
I snagged a cheap wood frame $3.99, a small bottle of Krylon spray paint in Matte Black, scrap book paper .44 cents (+50% off – which I think is hilarious) and 2 packs of embellished flowers (from the scrapbooking section).
I started by spraying my wood frame with black spray paint.
Easy enough, right?
Next, I took my scrapbook paper and cut it to size of the insert.
Again, easy.
While the frame is still drying, I started to cut my letter that I would put on top of my paper. I had printed the letter at work that day, in a font of my choosing.
I know there is an easier way to do this, but I accept the challenge…and am not clever enough to print on the scrapbook paper. Honestly, I had printed several different “G”‘s and wasn’t sure which one I wanted to use.
*tip – since I free handed this cut-job, I obviously missed a few snips. I colored in a couple white edges with a black permanent market. Sneaky Sneaky. Can ya tell? 😉
Another stupid/lazy move on my part – since we are still relatively new to our house, I have yet to find my scrapbooking box amongst all the boxes. Which means that I’m missing easy items such as roll on glue and what have you.
In saying that, I cut out liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle snips of double sided tape and attached my letter to the scrapbook paper this way. I have a hot glue gun but things just would have gotten clumpy and messy.
After my husband came in and made fun of my technique, I then started playing with different layout options with my flowers and plugged in my hot glue gun.
Minutes later, I am finished!
Might I suggest that you spray your hardware along with the frame, if need be. We had some gold hooks laying around in our tool box that I didn’t spray till later. Hence why they are not included just yet.
In the mean time, run to Hobby Lobby and do this! So easy and cheap.

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