July 14, 2024

Detox your way to better health

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Whether you’re eying for weight loss, initiating healthier eating habits, recovering from an illness, or simply seeking to pump up an inactive desk-bound lifestyle, you will never go wrong with detoxification as one of the first few steps to take on your way to fitness.

Through processes such as breathing, sweating, urinating, and moving the bowel, the body naturally eliminates toxins that you take in regularly from food, chemicals, and the environment. It’s not all the time, though, that the body is successful in getting rid of such substances, blame it on poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

This is where you come in to help yourself.

Clues that tell you: “It’s Time to Detoxify!”

  • You feel like your belly has never been so big, and you’re having problems like indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, heartburn, and even bad breath. Chances are that your intestines aren’t emptying the way they should, which is why you feel bloated and your digestive system is firing unsynchronized signals everywhere causing you discomfort.
  • You’ve been following orders from your fitness trainer by the book, but it seems like you haven’t done anything at all to lose weight. Build up of toxins may result to sluggish metabolism and can even impede nutrient absorption, which can further lead to unhealthy food cravings.
  • Your threshold for pain and fatigue has been off and you easily get cough and colds.
    Toxins can overwhelm your body including your muscles, joints, and immune system. They bombard body parts and systems to a point that causes discomfort, soreness, and evWaen vulnerability to disease.
  • Allergies, acne, skin problems, and dark circles around your eyes have been popping up lately. When your skin is filled with toxins that aren’t properly eliminated through sweat, and more often than not this is simply caused by lack of sufficient physical activity, these harmful substances can cause skin irritation, increased sensitivity, and other problems associated with the body’s largest organ.

Ways to Stimulate Detoxification


Healthy methods of fasting can give your body organs a well-deserved rest after years and decades of working non-stop. It may be done in different ways and may involve various types of fluids to be maintained during the fasting period.


Eating the right kinds of food and avoiding those that are rich in toxins are helpful ways to detoxify. High amounts of fiber in fruits and vegetables are usually a major focus of diet detox while processed meat, canned goods, and bad fat are part of the list that should be kept out of your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator.

Body Wraps

Principles behind body wraps are very basic. The aim here is to promote sweating to a degree that is greater than usual and to act on body processes, such as metabolism, that may be stimulated through a rise in body temperature. Special ingredients, such as herbs and minerals, are also absorbed by open skin pores to aid in the entire process of cleansing.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Toxins that aren’t eliminated through normal bowel movement lodge in the large intestines, which may bring about problems like diarrhea, constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome. This problem may be addressed by a process wherein water or other types of fluid mixtures are flushed into the colon for thorough cleansing.

PRECAUTION: Certain situations and medical conditions may disqualify an individual from certain detoxification procedures. Talk to your doctor about your detox plans.

Once in a while, your body needs a little bit of your help to kick away the stubborn toxins. Always keep in mind that the optimum functioning of your body is a reward you get as you detoxify your way to greatness.

About the Author:

Ella Simpson has been helping people detoxify using body wraps in the comfort of their own home for over 10 years. Ella’s website WrapYourselfSlim gives recipes and sells spa-quality clays, formulas, and wraps for home use. Ella’s book “Wrap Yourself Slim – Body Wraps Exposed” shows readers how to make their own custom body wrap formulas using easily sourced, inexpensive ingredients.


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