June 22, 2024

Best Friend vs. Man Code

So, Say You… are child-hood best friends with a girl but have come to love her husband over the years as well. One drunken night, you overhear said husband brag to another guy about a girl he hooked up with just months ago. Do you tell your best friend or does this situation fall under the “Man Code?”


  1. tell her, I don’t have to adhere with mancode as I have a womb..yey! But either way if he is bragging that implies lack of guilt therefore she needs to know.

  2. If you heard him “bragging” with your own ears then chances are he is proud of it and will practice and repeat. You have to look at the entire situation. If I were in her shoes I would want to know, however; there are some girls who prefer to not know about cheating.

    You must consider that she may (and probably will) stay with him and it will change your friendship. I used to think there was a black or white answer to this question, but after telling and having to deal with the consequences I am able to look at different reasons why it might be better to keep it to myself.

    Unfortunately it is difficult to give advice in this situation because circumstances vary. Typically, I prefer to have a clear conscious and tell.

  3. No don’t tell let it go! If he is doing what he is not suppose to be doing she will find out. So stay out of it don’t get involved and you want have to be the one that causes a divorce,worry or stress. The little fag will get caught sooner or later.

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