April 25, 2024

Rocket Science

So, say you encourage people not to work by offering them the same thing as if they did have jobs. What is that going to do for unemployment?

Too Faced Mascara

I dub myself some what of an expert when it comes to mascara. You will rarely ever see me with out it on. I just have a love obsession with eyelashes. This past summer I went the expensive route and tried the professional eyelash extensions. Two and a half hours of a professional eyelash-er gluing  Read More…

Child Abuse!

So, say you have a friend that continues to smoke cigarettes while pregnant.

Can I have a time machine, please?

So, say you had a long night of drinking. You wake up to a guy friend laying next to you and your pajama pants around your leg. You have no idea what happened. No memory. What now?

Like a girl scout, Always prepared.

So, say you, are about to get lucky. You know a condom is mandatory, but Mr big doesn’t have one. Do you pull the box out of your night stand drawer or does that make a girl look a little too prepared? Do guys read into that?

I need detox.

So, say you want to do a detox diet, shake, pill; something, but are overwhelmed but the choices. Any suggestions?

Feline Friends

So, Say you have a one night stand with a guy and you wake up the next morning in his bed surrounded by….cats. One on your chest staring at you and you can’t really tell how many, due to the hangover, but at least three at your feet. As far as you can remember, the  Read More…

Cheater cheater…

So, say you have a friend whom has been cheating on her husband. You have tried every angle you can think of to get her to come to her senses and stop or get a divorce. You want to be a good friend but her behavior disgusts you and its not something you want in  Read More…

Are you the sensitive type?

So, say you are giving a guy a BJ and he starts playing with his nipples. Head tilted back and totally in to it. Is this common? Do guys typically have this kind of nipple sensitivity?

Run for the hills

So, say you are on and off with a guy, but on one particular night you are very on. You do the deed, spend the night, and awake the next morning to him standing in the doorway of his bathroom wearing… nothing.. but…your thong. Run for the hills or appreciate him taking interest in your  Read More…