July 16, 2024

5 Ways to Avoid Newlywed Weight Gain

Wedding PhotoPlanning your wedding can be extremely stressful. As women, we all know this. You are in charge of planning every tiny detail of your special day and then when that day is over, you’re left with an empty pocketbook and nothing to do with your time. Newlywed couples most always gain that “freshmen 15” as they called it back in your college years. Take these 5 helpful tips to avoid stretching your waistline after the “I do’s.”

Extreme Dieting for your wedding

Brides think that as soon as their prince charming pops the question, it’s time to diet. WRONG. Ladies, extreme dieting will only come back to haunt you once the honeymoon is over and you’re back in the real world. Yes, you want to feel like you can fit into that size 4 dress that you did back in your college years, but massive dieting is not the way to achieve that. Instead of having the mindset of dieting until the wedding day, start with better eating habits. Fresh fruits, protein, and exercise will help shed those unwanted pounds and keep them off past the honeymoon vacation.

Portion, Portion, Portion Control

Women tend to be the cook of the household, which means preparing all the meals for her new hubby. Men need anywhere from 400-800 calories more than women do for proper nutrition. Women tend to put more on their own plates to keep up with what their husbands are eating. Don’t cram as much food on your plate as you do for your husband. Let him make his own plate, and you make yours.

Just say No

Men tend to snack while watching Television, and lets face it, that is all the time. They like to keep foods such as potato chips and cookies around the house that take little or no prep time to make. Asking your husband to keep those items out of the house is pretty much like saying you can’t watch football. It ain’t gonna happen. Instead, try and keep lots of alternative snacks in the house for you. Fruits, veggies, and snack bars are all things that can be tasty and calorie friendly. Get into the habit of grabbing an apple when your man grabs a twinkie.

Avoid getting comfortable

As a newlywed, all you want to do post wedding is snuggle up to your new hubby. That, most of the time requires a lot of sitting and laying in front of the tube. You’ve suddenly got all this free time now and nothing to do, so cuddling up to a nice movie or TV show with a bowl of popcorn sounds pretty good right about now. One night turns into two, and two nights turns into every weekend and suddenly your gym membership is a vacant memory. Make sure you get back into the habit of working out and exercising so that you can have those late night movie dates and not have to worry about buying new clothes. Every couple gets comfortable with each other after a while, but just make sure you remember that getting out and exercising can be a bonding time for you both as well.

Working out together

Motivation is always better when you have someone keeping you accountable. Why not make that person your spouse? Working out together will increase your chances of making a schedule stick. Make it a bonding experience for you both. Come up with fun ways to exercise such as going for hikes, mountain bike riding, or a friendly competitive sport. Doing it together is twice as likely to stick.

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