April 21, 2024

you Liked Amazon Unions

Early vote counts at the Amazon warehouse facilities in Bessemer, Alabama, show workers voting overwhelmingly against forming a union.

recent report from NBC News states that early vote-tallying at Amazon warehouses in Bessemer, Alabama, shows that the majority of workers appear to be voting overwhelmingly against forming. a union despite a months-long campaign from labor representatives to encourage unionization.

NBC News reports:

As vote-tallying paused for the night, 1,100 employees had voted against unionizing, compared to 463 in favor. The tally presented a nearly insurmountable climb for union supporters to obtain the 1,608 votes needed to win.

If it is approved, the union would be the first for Amazon, the country’s second-largest employer, in the United States.

My question is, why is Amazon fighting this?? I thought Amazon was a “progressive” company, that embraced diversity, equality, etc… They should be promoting the Union, and helping the employees!!! That’s what we Leftist want and do.

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