May 26, 2024

Women’s Work

Guest post by Mariah Sargent

Although the gap is slowly closing between men and women’s capabilities, pay, and positions in the workplace, there is an ingrained stereotype of “women’s work” still lingering in our society. Even in 2012, with all the strides and advancements to equality we have made over our entire existence (Adam and Eve), we still face many challenges in the workplace such as stereotyping, wage discrimination, sexual harassment, and career advancement.

Yes, there are some women who are very happy to be caretakers, housekeepers, and in administrative positions. Also, advertisements for sports, adult beverages, etc, where the women are depicted as sexual objects with barely any clothes on. All that is totally fine IF that is what makes you happy. However, the many women trying to climb the corporate ladder who are just as competent, if not more than men, keep getting suppressed and discouraged from doing so.

Could it be men trying to cling on to their status of dominance towards women?

Even in the world of sports and athletics, I have a good friend who plays professional golf and she says many men don’t even want to play with her cause she usually beats them and they just can’t take LOSING to a WOMAN! GAH! She’s tall, blonde, and very attractive and lures the men golfers to play with her on her beauty (not brains or abilities)… she enjoys playing “dumb blonde” while holding her club and swinging it coyly asking “what do I do with this????”…then WHAM, she drives it to the green!

They are all stunned…and now it’s not fun to play with her anymore because they got beat by a girl! Want me to get you some French cries?

Or how about in my position, meeting some heavy hitters for big companies and I am trying to build relationships to work together on a multi-million dollar project. I walk into the conference room and they look very surprised…uhhhh we are supposed to talk intelligently to you??? (…and not gawk at your chest or your legs???)

I mean sure, I’m flattered (I’ll admit it) but just as my friend the pro golfer above, I want to beat your expectations of my abilities based on your stereotype of me.

Please allow me to clarify; this stereotype is not coming from just men. There are women who stereotype and try to suppress other women down! Women are probably the worst, because it’s not even a form of flattery – it usually comes from a dark place of jealousy. As women, we should pull together and be proud of each other’s successes as we are all trying to beat these stereotypes together!

There is nothing wrong with being a successful, beautiful, smart woman! We CAN have it all – family, friends, hobbies, and career! I mean come on…multi-tasking is what all women are pretty good at anyways (so there fellas! ;)).

I always say keep on hate’n cause it’s just my motivation.

Ladies, what are your thoughts? Have you experienced some type of stereotype in the workplace?

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