April 25, 2024

…were Shifty

Adam Schiff’s lies are on the verge of being exposed. He is reported to be in “panic mode” – as well he should be. The documents to be released will show Schiff knew from Day One that the Russia investigations were a Hoax.

You and I have known the truth all along, but Schiff is now running scared as the facts he has worked so long to hide are being made public for the first time.

Schiff had one goal, to tell his lies again and again to try to convince the country, the media and the Congress that President Trump was guilty.

Ten months ago, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release transcripts from 53 Top Secret interviews taken at the outset of the Russia Hoax. Schiff, as Chairman, has prevented the release of the transcripts. The release of these transcripts will prove Schiff lied to the American people and that:

  • President Trump did not collude with the Russians to win in 2016 – and more importantly, Schiff knew this before appearing on the mainstream media more than 400 times when he told Americans just the opposite.
  • Obama’s Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes knowingly and intentionally unleashed the FBI and America’s intelligence services to spy on innocent Americans to try to destroy President Trump’s campaign even before he was elected, and that Schiff not only knew about it and said nothing, but doubled down on the abuse of innocent Americans.
  • The Steele Dossier upon which much of Schiff’s Russia Hoax was based, was created by Russian Intelligence services and that Schiff knowingly and intentionally used this
    Russian disinformation to try to destroy an American President.

The revelation of Schiff preventing these transcripts from going public is the perfect opportunity to show voters in my district why Schiff is nothing more than a lying, leaking, partisan hack and not a representative of the people.

I need your help to put Schiff’s political career to an end. Reprobates like Schiff belong behind bars, not in the United States Congress.

Schiff has been at the center of every investigation, witch hunt, false whistleblower outrage, and he even lied about the President’s words on national TV to deceive the media and the public. The facts don’t matter to Shifty Schiff because:
• Adam Schiff will stop at nothing to impeach President Trump a 2nd time.
• Adam Schiff is just carrying out Pelosi’s order so he can become the next House Speaker.
• Adam Schiff does not believe in justice or the rule of law.
• Adam Schiff has coached witnesses on their answers.
• Adam Schiff is not interested in the truth.
• Adam Schiff hates liberty-loving Americans like YOU.

I want to make sure he feels the pressure from millions of Americans who oppose every action he’s taken in the last 3 years to force a coup against President Trump.

This is our chance – RIGHT NOW – to force Schiff out of office and end this sad charade. President Trump needs us to win this race, and I need your help.

If you love this country like I do and want to ensure the American Dream is a reality for generations to come, help me defeat Schiff and put an end to his partisan witch hunts.

For the American Dream,

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