June 22, 2024

were part of the 48.

I’m sure you have seen all the chaos today at the Capitol.

You don’t realize what this is. It is the other 48 states, fighting against us (those that live in Virginia and Maryland + D.C), for control of the United States. They are tired of us running this country the way that we want, and they want a chance. Trump has awaken these people, and now they want to run the country. He’s made them think that they can run this country.

We are even hearing about them wanting to fire all D.C. employess, and only those people that live in the other 48 states can apply for positions.

Think about it, if they start with the DOJ, and put their person in as Attorney General, then replace all the next level, and so on, and so on.

Then to the FBI…. Then to the CIA…. The FTC… The FCC… And, even the IRS.

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