May 26, 2024

…were Ignorant

Speaking of Ignorant…

The National Basketball Association (NBA), not exactly the poster child for racial quotas for employment, decided against referring to those that purchase franchises as “owners” due to the sensitivity that it may imply references to slavery. About 75 percent of the players in the NBA are black. The average salary in the NBA is $7.77 million, the highest in the world. Please give me some of that oppression.

More Ignorance…

Democrat presidential candidate – one of a legion – Kamala Harris (D-Saturn) claims those snappy white lab coats worn by doctors are signs of white supremacy. “It’s true that doctors are racist and literally wear their racism on their white lab coat sleeve,” she said in an interview. And do brown doctors wear brown coats and black doctors wear black coats

But Wait, There’s Higher Education…

Elizabeth Warren (D-Whitefeet Tribe), another Democrat presidential candidate, joined the party’s chorus of pledging to eliminate all student loan debt and cracking down on colleges. Interestingly, she may be part of the problem since she raked in $430,000 for teaching one year at Harvard. And if you eliminate student loan debt how far do you go back and repay those who already paid their debt off?

About that Student Loan Debt…

Facts & Fiction sees it this way – Your dream. Your choice. Your loan. Your debt. Other taxpayers and me are not responsible for your decisions. Choices have consequences. Welcome to adulthood.

Money, money, money…

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Taliban) could face jail time for violating Minnesota campaign laws by using campaign funds for personal and out-of-state travel. That’s not all. She violated state and federal tax laws by filing joint tax returns with Ahmed Hirsi in 2014 and 2015. Slight problem. They weren’t married. But records do show she married her brother in an attempt to skirt immigration laws so both could attend college together at North Dakota State University. If both had student loans, Chief Warren and Bernie Sanders (D-Leningrad) will forgive them.

Endless Ignorance…

More signs that California is lost. In Santa Cruz, 250-year-old mission bells are gone because they are “offensive” to indigenous people. A mural depicting the life of George Washington is going to be removed from a San Francisco school because some thought was racist and SF Board of Supervisors (only one of whom is white) agreed. What are they going to do about the name of the school, which is the George Washington High School, one of the best high schools in San Francisco with a heavy Asian student body.

Sounds of Silence…

Honk if you are not running for president on the Democrat ticket. The recent debates in Miami, a two-day event, saw massive over-use of the word “free” in the party’s pledge to again change America. In fact, the debate stage was free of even an American flag. Small things speak volumes. So far, the contenders include Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, a fake Mexican; Bernie Sanders, a fake socialist with three houses, flies in private jets and is worth millions; and Elizabeth Warren, a fake Indian. No wonder Democrats and Hollywood actors get along so well since they make a living pretending to be someone they aren’t.


Those awkward graphics. Nancy Pelosi (D-Uranus) held a recent press conference rallying against the President’s enforcement of immigration laws and said “It’s ridiculous to think that the way to protect the border is to put children in cages.” She showed photos of children behind chain link fences. Small problem. The images were taken in 2014 when the Obama Administration put children in those detainment centers after crossing the border illegally. A classic Democrat “Oops” policy. More than half the claims made about what is being done with illegal immigrants date from the Obama Administration when it was OK.


Adjust your thinking. When you see “government funded” know that means “taxpayer funded.” The government pays…means taxpayers pay. That became glaringly apparent when Facts & Fiction was headquartered
in Atlanta and an elected official, perhaps never a Mensa candidate Hank (Guam May Tip Over) Johnson, said “People need to understand that if the government doesn’t pay for these things, then the citizens will have to foot the bill.”

And remember – Independence Day. It just occurs on July 4. It is one of our most meaningful holidays and the reason that people immigrated here legally – not for free crap, but for freedom.

Finally, by the numbers…

Net worth before running for President:

Trump Family — $4.5 billion

Obama — $3 million

Clinton — $0.48 million


Trump family — $3 billion

Obama — $40 million

Clinton — $100 million

So who is trying to steal your money???

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