April 21, 2024

Were Being Channeled

Channeled and Tortured by Frequencies

I am someone who is being channeled and attacked by frequencies in Arizona. My address is 11620 E Sahuaro Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. I am reporting on a major conflict that is happening in our nation. I am a target of a massive criminal ring that is misusing a military technology on citizens. I have emailed and sent letters to major offices over the past few months about the situation in our state.

Please share this with any level of authority (officials) in the USA, share it with the public, or anyone you trust who can help with this situation.

Please be aware that I am informing you of what I am being told by people communicating to me on a frequency that is being channeled to me.

WORDING: In the following written detail about my situation, when I say “I am told,” I mean I am told by people using a channeled frequency to verbally communicating to me and to intervene with another channeled frequency that criminals are using to harm me in many ways. When I say “the criminal ring” I refer to the human trafficking ring in the military and all of their allies (other criminal types and other criminal organizations) combined. I am communicating a state of emergency (that is all related to my situation) in order to inform people of a conflict and of misused military technology. I am not in the military or a politician, nor do I have any political connections.

WRITTEN: 08-06-2019

I am being channeled and tortured by “a military interrogation and top secret communication technology” that is being misused by a massive criminal ring.

I am told criminals are using the military technology to spy on the public in order to steal identities for money, and they are using it to traffic people for money. I was channeled by criminals who wanted to steal money from me and make money off of me.

I am told that criminals channeled me using an MRI of my brain that they had obtained from a medical facility that was willing to sell peoples’ personal medical information.

I am told the criminal ring consists MANY criminal types who are aware of this military technology and who have devices that can hurt those being channeled by the military technology.

I am told our military is looking to recover those devices, as well as the military technology that is being misused and that had been stolen from our military.

I am told there is a human trafficking ring in our military that was enlisted by other criminal types overseas to attack our nation from the inside.

I am told the human trafficking ring in our military has the devices (that they obtained from overseas criminals) that are used to let criminal customers play torture recordings on citizens who are channeled by the stolen military technology.

I am told the human trafficking ring in our military is enlisting other trafficking rings and criminal types in our nation to help them gain control of important offices, gain control of important facilities, gain control of public places, and these criminal types are being sent to silence people who know that criminals are misusing a military technology and to silence people who can expose who they are and what they are doing. I do not know the names of the criminals who are currently trying to kill me, frame me, threaten me, and who verbally and physically abuse me in many ways with the military technology.

I am told that because I am fully aware of the military technology that is being misused on me, that I have been targeted by the criminal ring; which also consists of other criminals they’ve enlisted to help them.

I am told other citizens are being severely threatened by the ring, physically confronted criminals sent to hurt them, and constantly spied on by a network of surveillance that is linked to the internet.

The Military Technology
I am told that the technology that is channeling a frequency to me had been entrusted to an official who had illegally sold it to another country. I am told that many copies of the technology were then made and sold to our enemies.

I am told overseas criminals had formed alliances with criminal organizations in our military and in our nation.

I am told that overseas criminals had given devices that can signal their copy of that technology to a criminal organization in our military (a trafficking ring) for money. Unfortunately, I am told that I am one of many citizens who has been channeled (by use of copies of my MRI) to be spied on and for criminals to test a new form of trafficking on.

I am told that I can leave the range of the frequencies.

I am told I have become a target due to my full alignment to the frequencies and awareness of the military technology and how it is being misused on the public.

I am told that there are currently two frequencies in the nation.

I am told two military technologies were stolen and one was recovered; I was unknowingly being channeled by both before one was recovered.

I am told the military allowed people to use the recovered technology to verbally communicate with me in order to intervene with the criminal activity of the other frequency that is being channeled to me by criminals using the missing technology. So I am completely untapped, but verbally communicated to by people who are using a frequency to channel me, and they are in constant communication with me. They have been in communication with me since November 2018.

I have no privacy and no peace, because of the two channeled frequencies; I am being spoken to by people communicating to me on a channeled frequency from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall to sleep. I cannot turn off the frequencies that are channeling me. I do not control the volume of the communication and sounds that are channeled to me. I do not see the people communicating to me, they are anonymous. I do hear high pitched and low pitched frequencies in my ears when those channeling me adjust the frequencies.

I am told an MRI image of my brain was sold to criminals who had the intent to spy on me and to traffic me.

I am told the traffickers have copies of my MRI image and sell it to criminal customers who have a torture fetish and who want to play torture recordings on my body via use of a channeled frequency. I believe this massive criminal ring has “their people” working in many fields and offices, mostly as new employees.

I am told these new employees tend to hire on other members of the criminal ring in order to take over places in cities; I am told that this strategy is being used by overseas criminals in order to have the ring they’ve recruited help them take over our nation.

I am told that the criminal ring also has corrupt officials working for them, people working for them who are under severe threat, and other criminal types. In short, I am told this is a criminal effort to take over America from within it and outside of it, and that I am one of the citizens being tested on, trafficked, and spied on by the military technology.

I am told criminals want channel (or might already be channeling) other citizens like myself with the frequency and others (who were fully aware of the military technology being misused on them) were targeted by them. I am told there is a quiet war going on and that many states (including Arizona) are a war zone—and I believe it. Some citizens in the know of what is happening are being pressured to deny the existence of the military technology and its abilities. There is also an effort to make those who do acknowledge the existence and abilities of this military technology look crazy. I am one of the people they have targeted for being in the know, so they have tried to make me look crazy.

The channeled frequency that communicates to me intercepts and intervenes with the other channeled frequency that is totally criminal controlled. So there are two frequencies being channeled to my brain; one that communicates verbally with me, and one that manipulates my
brain waves to feel torture on my body when torture recordings are played. I am told that I am (and have been) blocked (in many ways) from hearing clear communications about certain things that are top secret; they are able to do this. They do this (blocking) because criminals monitor me using the the missing military technology and they might detect something in my thoughts that will inform them of military efforts and plans to take them down. I only share information that I am told that I am allowed to share. So I am informing our nation of what I am being told about my situation, I am informing people about my personal experiences in the situation, and the situation within our country.

Two Frequencies
I am told that I have been channeled on and off for many years, without my knowledge that I was being spied on. I am told that the US military had detected and was AWARE that citizens were being channeled on and off by frequencies. I am told that citizens were being spied on for many years, and that our military did nothing about it because they (said they had) assumed that the citizens being channeled and spied on were a threat in some way. I am told that the US military had said they didn’t know (at the time) that some of that military technology was missing and in the hands of criminals who were (and are) stealing money from the citizens they were (and are) spying on. I am told there are many channels that can be locked and unlocked on the two frequencies, hence, many spies. I am told channels are places that people can log into and communicate through to one another (through writing) within one channel, or communicate to other channels that are on different levels (low to high) of a frequency. I am told that it is easier for criminals to go undetected by the victim they are channeling and spying on with the frequency when they keep the frequency very low. So I am told that citizens (like me) were getting their identities stolen and were being subtly trafficked without knowing it. I am told citizens were losing money and were feeling slight pains on their bodies, because of the missing military technology that criminals were (and still are) misusing. I am told all the citizens that are channeled had an MRI of their brain that criminals obtained from medical facilities. I am told that criminals had full control over two frequencies, and now have full control over only one in our nation.

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