July 16, 2024

SSY are a cyberbully…

So, say you are an adult who posts things on your Facebook that are racist, prejudice, offensive and/or downright mean. Guess what? You are a cyber bully. It baffles me that “ADULTS” act in such a hateful way.

We ask why children are so mean, why they bring guns to school and why they kill themselves and others. I can answer these questions for you. It’s because they are taught to hate. People who hate cannot possibly be as happy as people who love. Why would you set your children up to have these angry feelings. It is so much easier to give them the right tools to have compassion for other people and their differences.

I accept all friend requests on Facebook because to me it is a special thing almost like an act of kindness that someone took the time to request my friendship. I however, occasionally, delete people for hateful posts that do no more than hurt someone’s feelings.

Last night, for instance, a man posted an image that said, “Forget cats and dogs spay and neuter Muslims”. I was shocked and hurt. I understand that some people have different ideas of humor, but what makes it okay for someone to say something so hateful? I can only assume this person does not know any better or know anything about the Muslim religion. There are plenty of good people; good Americans even, that are of the Muslim Faith. Should all Baptist be lumped in the category of the Westboro Baptist extremist protesting the funerals of our fallen military?

Recently, a United States Ambassador was murdered. It breaks my heart not only for this man whose life was taken, his family and friends, but also for the people who have such hate for Americans that they believes this man deserved to die. This is an example of hate consuming people’s lives. While my heart is hurting for all of the above, I look at Facebook and see references to the “Muslims” blaming them and saying they deserve to die. My head hangs even lower as I think that these people also suffer from a lack of individual thought, compassion, and human decency.

Although as tempting as it is, I refuse to feel angry, but I do feel sorry. Hate is not isolated to one faith and there are extremists everywhere.
If for no other reason than selfish, we should try our best to not hate, to forgive, show respect and have compassion for others. We need to be the example and treat people better… most importantly, we need to teach our children that the way to happiness is through love.

I wrote this as a way of getting it off my chest and then I read another post on Facebook (I spend too much time on fb for sure) that said it perfectly…

“Education is the proper way to promote compassion and tolerance in society. Compassion and peace of mind bring a sense of confidence that reduce stress and anxiety, whereas anger and hatred come from frustration and undermine our sense of trust. Because of ignorance, many of our problems are our own creation. Education, however, is the instrument that increases our ability to employ our own intelligence.”

Thank you Dalai Lama. You’re Brilliant!

So, I am posting this in hopes that someone will read it and think before they post something mean about someone because of their race, their sexual preference, because they believe in god or because they don’t because they are a republican or because they have a disability or just because they are not exactly what you deem as perfect. Be nice and consider their feelings.

“Let’s be like cereal in float in the bowl together.”


  1. good point about the baptist. but, could you image trying to educate people that don’t want to be educated about tolerance. it would never happen.

  2. Great post. I totally agree, its starts in the home. People need to educate themselves on the world around them. There are so many extremist in every culture and religion.
    People need to understand that it is ok if other cultures are different than them.

  3. Indeed, it adds an entirely different element, but it has to start somewhere. If its assumed they don’t want to learn a better way then nothing will every improve. I think there is always that one person that thinks as an individual.
    I guess from my point you can’t make someone happy that does not want to be, but you can give them the tools to learn a better way.

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