April 25, 2024

Prostitute or Professional

So, Say you have a shoe obsession. You love heels… high heels, but you never get a chance to wear them. The only place you seem to go is work. How do you know if shoes are work appropriate? I have seen people comment on the highness of heels at the office etc. Is it just a matter of what you feel comfortable in?


  1. Who cares if you look like a prostitute at work. Wear the heels.

  2. It all depends on what kind of work environment you work in and if it could potentially affect the integrity of your job. If you have to deal with clients face to face I say no stripper heels or flip flops.

  3. Look at what you are wearing with them. If you are wearing pants then i say they will be fine. Or if you are wearing a conservative dress below the knee they will look classy and not trashy. So judge it on the appearance of your clothes.

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