April 25, 2024

…needed a Passport

Each year, 2.8 million people die from the effects of obesity. That is 7,671 people per day, yet we don’t have mandates, recommendations or even a friendly suggestion from our health and government officials to do anything to prevent something that is 100 percent preventable.

Where is the health crisis or the pandemic for obesity in the United States?

Why don’t we have Obesity Passports? Restaurants would have to check our Obesity Passports before they let us in to eat. Too fat? Go away. Healthy? Come on in…

Obesity rates in America are 12 times higher than that of Japan. Why are health officials mandating vaccinations, and not mandating eating healthy? Do you think its because Big Pharma? The ones getting rich off this…

Meanwhile, the very health tools people needed to stay healthy are often unattainable. Gyms are closed due to COVID, but, that is what people need to help control their weight… Odd!?!

Stop saying you care about health and saving lives while pushing masks and shots. If it were really about health, why are life saving drugs like insulin, inhalers and dialysis so expensive?

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