June 22, 2024

Michael Antonio Latisha Nude Pump

As females, we have to endure a lot of unnecessary occurrences inside our bodies. Periods, childbirth, hormones, body hair everywhere… and when we have to go through these horrific ordeals, we really just feel down right terrible about ourselves (and the rest of the world) during these times, right ladies??

Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!

I was thinking about this earlier, and the one thing that makes me  feel pretty are my stiletto pumps. I say this as I was walking into work today and up the stairs, (yes, I climb stairs in my stilettos.) Your legs automatically look longer, more toned, and you have a walk of superb confidence as you strut yourself in them.

My personal  “I feel pretty” shoes are my 4 inch Michael Antonio Women’s Latisha Pumps in nude.

So, ladies, what type of “shoe” are you?

What makes you feel pretty? Share your thoughts, and shoes, ……and where you bought them, with us!


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