May 26, 2024

Late Bloomers

If you are anything like me, you have the off-and-on feeling that everyone else around you moves at a much faster pace.  Friends get married before you.  People have children before you.  Heck, they even buy cars, houses and Wii drum sets before you!

You are not alone!  This is my situation as well.  I define myself as unique, calculated, smart.  I do not live inside a box.  Nor do I reside in a shoe.  I live my life in a world all my own, and I like it that way.  I have a wonderful life, if you ask me when I’m in a good mood.  If you ask me on an off moment, I might contemplate before giving you a similar answer.  I do not feel the need to conform to anyone else’s way of doing things, yet I am not as rebellious as one might think.  I am still spontaneous in many things I do, but I find myself thinking about the “big picture” more and more each passing moment.

I tend to think that often, people rush into things.  Life decisions may just be easier for these people, but I have tried to take a step back before entering into the “Cave of Wonders”.  I feel that making sure I have an exit strategy is a necessary evil to avoid conflict and stress in the future.   Is that so wrong?  Does that mean I cannot commit?  Heavens, no!  I feel as if I approach decisions in a more rational way than most.  As if my train of thought is logical and clear (except for that failed 3 month marriage, but whatev!).  You live and you learn.  And in my humble opinion, the more you live, the more you learn.

So, what is the big hurry?  I feel as if I live in New York City and I’m some redneck from East Bumble who tells everyone to slow down (unless in driving, then I’m as crazy and irrational as any woman).  But with life in general, I think that being a “Late Bloomer” is awesome.  I have been able to learn from everyone else’s mistakes instead of living through them…for the most part.

In short, if you look around and feel like you are being passed up, or as if people are creating a whirlwind of decisions around you; don’t be alarmed!  Simply take a step back, breathe and remember that you are your own person.  Do not let someone else’s decisions and lifestyle change who you are or how you deal with a life-altering decision.  You are the same unique person that you have always been and that is how you should remain!

“If you love you, everyone else will too!”  ~Marki Mason

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