April 25, 2024

Is My Husband Gay…?

A perfect topic to bring to the masses; is your husband gay?  I have personally been through this as well as several friends.  There are certain factors that can affect a relationship and sexual orientation is at the top of the list, well at least mine!  Here’s a list of observations that were made in determining the sexual preference of mine and my friend’s husbands.
If you see more than a few of these, I would consider it a strong possibility that your husband may be more than…Metro.



1. So Say You…walk home one evening and catch your husband shopping online and he closes the window when you enter the room…Is he gay?
2.So Say You…you have a husband who tries on 4 pairs of shoes and showers before going out in public.  EVEN before going to Home Depot for that gardening project…Is he gay?


3. So Say You…are married to a man who has no friends from his workplace or adult life…Is he gay?


4. So Say You…discover your husband is using a penis pump just to have sex with you (and you didn’t know about it for months)…Is he gay?


5. So Say You…married a man who never had a girlfriend over 4 dates…and is almost 30…Is he gay?


6. So Say You…find out that your husband is writing a journal and entering thoughts about what his “legacy” will be before age 30 from a Victorian style of verbage…Is he gay?


7. So Say You…have a set of in-laws that are outright rude to others and view people beneath them as sub-class.  Could that keep your husband from telling them that…He is gay?


8. So Say You…are legally tied to a man who’s shopping habits make you blush with his trips to Brooks Brothers and striving to make himself into a GQ model…Is he gay?


9. So Say You…married a man whose missed daily trips to the gym involve him poking at his stomach and telling you that he “promises to not get fat” and “don’t be disappointing in me, I’ll make up for it tomorrow”…Is he gay?


10. So Say You…go out to eat and your husband blames Diet Coke for the reason he got a high pitched voice when talking to you at lunch (not the hot guy sitting behind you)…Is he gay?


11. So Say You…ask him who his celebrity crush is and he can’t come with a female, but has all your male crushes memorized…Is he gay?

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