June 22, 2024

How to create a gravatar

So, Say you are setting up a new site through word press and they ask for a gravatar.
This is a new term for me. Naturally I hit up google for the answers I am looking for.

  1. First… What is a gravatar? Turns out.. it’s a globally recognized avatar. In non computer language it is a little picture that shows up next to any blog posts or forum comments you leave on sites who support them.
  2. How do I make one? First go to gravatar.com to sign up. (It’s Free) Here you will upload a picture and assign it to an email (you can use multiple) It will allow you to choose a rating for your picture… this decides what types of pages it will show up on. Kind of neat. If you want your gravatar to be naked on grown up sties… um. okay.
  3. How do I get it to show up on my new page?


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