May 26, 2024

disturbed the Bees Nest

Here is a different view on the problem. I hear many people who have moved here within the past 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years and think they know all about how the area has been disturbed by development.

I see it as a problem with the politics in lets say New York, New Jersey, Michigan etc. and their high taxes and socialistic leaders. To get away from the overbearing government they move here.

The problem is they still have their own political views that mirror the problems of where they came from and think they will improve the politics of the toothless southerners and WHAMMO, you bring the problems here that you were trying to get away from.

Kind of like how Colorado is today. It use to be pristine mountains with people yearning for the freedom to live as they see fit. What they have now is a mirror of the problems of their home Californication. And in the process our ecosystem gets overloaded by overpopulation.

The best example is our black bears invading our neighborhoods. Their homes have been taken by outsiders from up north.

Rather than bitching about what the area is turning into why not move back to where you came from and fix what is wrong and the reason you moved in the first place?

Yes this is a beautiful area and yes it is getting polluted. Dont believe it? Just look at the fecal chloroform levels in our surf… Human waste in our beautiful beaches so much that people are getting sick because of it.

If you moved here, you are part of the problem. The idea of closing the door to immigrating to Florida after YOU moved here is upsetting to me. If you are a part of the problem because you moved here then fix the problem and GO HOME….

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