April 25, 2024

… didn’t look.

Major news stories from 2021 that the press either denied without bothering to look… or simply failed to report at all.

One of the most important stories involved no more research than looking in the mirror. The corruption of the mainstream media was certainly worth a headline or two. Instead of reporting the news, the press practically became an active shooter itself… taking sides, right or left… scurrilously hiding, bending, or inventing the ‘facts’ to make its case, and gunning down any alternative views.

In 2016, for example, the press claimed that the election was defiled by ‘Russian interference.’ Four years later, the election process was virginal again. Miraculous, no?

The World Atlas lists 4,416 cities with more than 150,000 population. The Covid 19 virus first appeared in the very one of them that was conducting research on it (the city of Wuhan in China). A pure coincidence, right?

The Biden administration says that evil corporations are conspiring to raise prices. They say the fastest price rises in 30 years for meat (up 20% for beef and 14.1% for pork —or Meatflation) is the result of a handful of greedy meatpackers. But prices are up just after the federales added about $5 trillion to the US money supply (Fed assets) in the last 24 months. Another coincidence?

You’d think the newshounds would want to know what was going on.

But anyone who raises doubts or objections is quickly labeled a nut case or a conspiracy theorist.

In short, these are the stories that the press ditched.

Why? Because the mainstream press no longer sees its role as reporting the news… but of shaping it… and using it… on behalf of a broad elite agenda.

“Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving,” as David Burge quipped years ago.

Along with the universities, Congress, the White House, the military/industrial/surveillance complex and even many churches, the media believes it has a responsibility not to describe the world as it is… but to create a better one.

And its special role is never to question the agenda… but to push it forward at every opportunity:

  • Covid is a threat to the nation; people must be vaccinated. Dr. Fauci is a saint. “Follow the science,” says the press.
  • The Pentagon budget must never be questioned. It helps maintain American ‘influence’ overseas.
  • The invasion of the Capitol was not just a bunch of yahoos egged on by a fool; it was an attempted coup d’etat.
  • More money-printing, low interest rates and bigger deficits help the economy grow. They do not cause inflation.
  • Inflation is caused by ‘supply chain disruptions’ and the coronavirus.
  • The George Floyd killing was an expression of ‘white supremacy.’ The killing of the unarmed woman in the Capitol (what was her name?) was ‘protecting our democracy.’ Jeffrey Epstein hung himself.
  • And global climate change? We must stop using fossil fuels. As for how the world’s 7.8 billion people will survive without them, no questions are allowed.

So, today, we’ll ask the questions ourselves…

What’s the Plan?

The press dutifully and admiringly reported on the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, to which 38,457 delegates flew from all over the world.

It noted that the participants had pledged to keep global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees celsius… and that President Biden called climate change an ‘existential’ threat and promised to reduce US carbon dioxide emissions by 50%-52% by 2030.

You’d think reporters would be curious: how, exactly, can that happen? Is it even possible? At what cost? And if we stop using fossil fuels, what will we use?

Except for a few uncontacted tribes in the Amazon, every human being on the planet relies on coal, oil, or gas – for their food… their housing… their clothing… everything.

Take it away, and what do they live on? Did the newshounds even wonder?

Apparently not.

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