April 25, 2024

…could influence the election.

Fellow Concerned American,

George Soros may have the left-wing media believing that he has nothing to do with riots in our cities and “autonomous zones” that are randomly popping up across America. The truth is these incidents are straight out of the Soros Playbook.

This mild-manner octogenarian is the most vile, radical, leftist worldwide, and he’s doing more to influence the outcome of the 2020 Election than he’s getting credit for by his friends in the media. Soros has been influencing elections, not through legitimate means available American citizens, but by spreading lies and half-truths about his enemies.

Now – this same man is coordinating the devastating protests in cities across the nation to distract the media and voters. That’s why I need your immediate help to stop him, but this fight won’t be easy!

Soros’ plan for America is so radical that he makes AOC look like a conservative!

Now, Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, is spending tens of millions of dollars to encourage people to vote by mail in the 2020 election. Soros knows that it will be almost impossible to discover fraudulent votes, clearing the way for HIM ALONE to decide who the next President will be.

This is how radical progressives like Soros win elections – not by bolstering their ideals or having a debate on the policy issues of the day, but through fraud, distraction tactics, and Soros has made this an artform across the globe.

George Soros is determined to turn America into a socialist utopia (with him at the top, of course). The fight to protect America won’t be easy.

But….he better watch out! The last guy that tried to influence the election, was almost IMPEACHED!!!

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