May 26, 2024

“Bride & Groom” DIY Wedding Signs

In my extensive search to find a super adorable (and unique) B&G sign for the backs of our chairs, I ran across the usual “Bride and Groom” and  “His & Hers” signs. I wanted something creative and something that I hadn’t seen on every wedding blog.

While I was rummaging through Pinterest for ideas, I ran across this pin that was listed on Etsy. The signs read “Hubby and “Wifey” and I thought, that fits us much better and it’s unique!


The only problem was that the signs were selling for $45.00. I didn’t want to spend that on something I knew I could make myself so I sought out to find my own design.

I ran to my local Michael’s craft store and picked up the following materials:

  • Two wooden plaques
  • Acrylic paint (I chose vanilla and dark brown)
  • Set of paint brushes
  • Scripted stick-on letters
  • Jute
  • Ribbon

I wanted to make the signs look distressed and antique to fit the theme of our wedding.

Instructions for making the signs

  1. Paint the wood plaque with vanilla acrylic paint, let sit and dry.
  2. Take brown(or whatever color you choose) paint and slightly rub over the edges to give it a old, aged look.
  3. Take a penny and scrape the edges to give it a more distinguished, antique look.
  4. Place stick on letters on the sign in the design of your choosing.
  5. Drill two holes to pull the jute in to hang them
  6. Add two pink bows. (Optional.)

Costs of this DIY project you ask?

$12.00! Not $45.00 plus shipping from Etsy.

$1.99 for wooden plaques (2)

$1.99 for acrylic paint

$4.99 for jeweled letters

Jute and ribbon: FREE!

These were super easy and really fun to make.

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