July 16, 2024

…Boycott Nascar

I hope America’ BOYCOTTS Nascar into Extinction.

Steve Phelps / Nascar President; I would like to ask you to step-down, Resign, and reflect on your hastily made statements of “support” for Black Lives Matter, but perhaps you are overwhelmed with ignorance. A fair suggestion would be for you to “get-out-more-often” and travel the “Streets” of America, before you allow such idiotic False narratives to dictate your thoughts. Protests designed to exhibit Hatred & Vengeance against White people, under the “Guise” of caring about Mr. Floyd’s Death, Generated…. Days of Robberies, open assaults on White people, the Killings of innocent people (both Black & White), the Burning of Stores and Homes, the Pillaging of businesses for “Sneakers”, (all on video), and the Murders of Police Officers,….and all you got out of that was to be against “Systematic Racism” and to support BLM? What in God’s name is Wrong with you??

**On top of that, some Fools from Richard Petty Motorsports, will now place the lettering “Black Lives Matter” on one of their Cars?? Is Richard Petty Motorsports Endorsing, Violence, Murder, Robbery, Burning, Pillaging, and Anarchy, in America?? If so, then you can all “Go-to-Hell”. I as an American, will standby and protect this Country from further Carnage, while you Hide with your (“we love-the-world”), Cowardice!!

***As an American Combat Vietnam Veteran, I am further Insulted and Incensed by your interfering with the Tradition of our National Anthem, in your feeble attempts to smother someone’s butt with your condescending Lips. ***If you knew anything about America, you would have discovered that the Tradition of standing for the Star Spangled Banner, was and always will be a Tradition started by War Veterans, during the 1918 World series. Soldiers allowed home on-leave to play in the World series, stood Tall when the Band played the Star-Spangled-Banner, so as to inspire the crowds, depressed by the Losses of WW-1. They stopped in the middle-of-the-game to Salute, as the music played, and the crowd joined in with the Civilian version of a Salute, by placing their Hand-over-their-Chest. This Tradition continues to this day. Be advised that Congress didn’t make this song our National Anthem until 13 years later. ***This is an American Veterans Tradition,….NOT,…the Governments, and you have now chosen to spit on all of us…. Sanctioning the “Kneeling” is a DIRECT Insult to ALL of America’s War Veterans, and a Betrayal to their Dedication & Sacrifice!! I truly hope that America “Throws” you out-of-your-present position, as you are NOT Fit to “Lead”!!! You are Despicable, Cowardly, and a clear supporter of those who wish to Destroy America. I hope AMERICA, Boycotts, your Stadiums of Entertainment, for now they have become “Caldrons of Black Racism”. There is only (1) one place for you, and it is next to Roger Goodell in America’s “HALL-OF-SHAME”.

Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC….You bring shame and Pain to my Heart when I think all of those Good Americans who Died, and you have Now Betrayed!!

I hope America BOYCOTTS Nascar into Extinction. BOYCOTT……………….BOYCOTT…………………BOYCOTT

“Y’all got political like every other major sport. @NASCAR was a great place, and the last place, to escape from life for a few hours.  25 years watching / following/rooting for @NASCAR to succeed. I quit today. #BoycottNASCAR,” tweeted an individual. Another person posted, “Goodluck gaining fans and saving the ones you may have left. #BoycottNASCAR.”


  1. I have been a NASCAR fan for fifty years or more. Been to the “Beach” Bought and put up a
    10 foot Sat. dish when my cable company did not carry races on TV Been to all the races in
    California!! I agree totaly with Tom (Above). I will not watch a Nascar event ever again.
    I put Nascar right with NFL _NBA_MLB. You all have thrown in with BLM without any research into what they are really doing to the country so to you and your token BLM rep I say


  2. Barry Gage says

    I find it interesting that money donated to BLM goes to support white
    Democratic candidates, the party of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and racial injustice. Is this what NASCAR now supports? Oh, I forgot that it was founded by Southern whites.

    • We looked at the BlackLivesMatter.com website, and noticed that if you clicked the “Donate” button, you went to a site called ActBlue.com. Their site says:

      ActBlue Charities is a registered charitable organization formed to democratize charitable giving. A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained by emailing info@actblue.com or calling (617) 517-7600. Alternatively, our report detailing our programs, a financial summary, and the percentage of contributions dedicated to our charitable purpose, along with a copy of our license, may be obtained from the following state agencies:

      It looks like they spend the money supporting Democrat candidates. We could not see where they spent any money on actually helping the black community.

  3. As a Nascar fan for 45 plus years and going to multiply races per year, Nascar will never see another dime from me. The fact that they allow BLM garbage all over but they won’t allow LETS GO BRANDON say a lot about nascar. I have already purchased tickets for 2 races this year which I will be requesting a refund Nascar going woke is not your fan base, tell the woke crowd to stuff it. Your going to go broke catering to the woke crowd which you should.Your fan base certainty does not consist of the work crowd and you should be carting to them. Let them show up to a nascar races and see how fast the degenerates get shut down. Go with your fan base Nascar

    Ex Nascar long time fan.

  4. Now I hear your working with LGBTQ+ OF North Carolina shameful. Of course BLM if you would read their mission statement is to support LGBTQ and destroy the traditional family. Time for new leadership at nascar . ex fan and supporter

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