June 22, 2024

Beach Bods

Everyone always asks me, “Marki, what do you do to get in shape for the summer?” My response is always the same. “Nothing.” Just kidding!

In December, I put on my bikini and take a picture. Then I print it out, place it on the fridge Jan 1st and go from there. Each time you go to the fridge, you see that image. It is the best way to see what you want to change just as you are about to indulge. For additional motivation, put a picture on your bathroom mirror. When you get ready in the morning, figure out one way that you can improve yourself that day.

Another good tip is to take advantage of every opportunity to work your abs. When you are sitting in your chair at work, flex those puppies! Don’t just sit around like a bump on a log in your cube, make it into a workout!

My best and most influential workout tip: Laugh. Laughter increases metabolism, works your abs and is the most fun exercise EVER! Check out this article, it even cites laughter as a metabolism booster.

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