May 26, 2024

Are you satisfied with your sex life?

101 Nights of Great Sex

Are you satisfied with your sex life? I think we all can agree that the majority of long term relationships run into some problems in this area at some point. Even if you have a healthy sex life… there is always room for improvement right?

Long before I knew I would need the advice, a couple my boyfriend and I were out with were talking about a book they recently purchased that did wonders for their sex life. I didn’t really understand the value of this book at the time, but humored the couple by acting interested instead of a little awkward. She showed me the book which had sealed pages and told me to take one and see what I thought.

Later down the road and after being in a relationship for many years,  I had to face the truth.  What sex life I still had was fading fast! I remembered this book and decided it just might be the answer. Just like you have committed to your relationship you must commit yourself to getting your sex life back or get the sex life you always wish you had.

Half of pages were labeled for her and the other half for him. Each week you tear out one of the sealed pages and it will give you your homework for the week. Your partner won’t ever see this page so they won’t know when or what is coming and neither will you. The pages have different symbols on them to let you know if the plan includes props money etc. One part of your sealed page will tell you exactly what to do to make your significant other’s toes curl. It’s very detailed so have no fear. In some cases it will even tell you what to say. There are also tips, tricks, or hints which are sometimes more fun than the assignment. It’s not a PG book and I would not recommend it for someone not willing to step outside the missionary boring sex box.

Having a plan of attack 😉 gets you excited about what you are doing. The anticipation of it might just get you excited in other ways as well. To me, confidence is the key to great sex. That is exactly what 101 Nights of Great Sex did for me.

Just Sayin’ it can’t hurt.

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