July 16, 2024

woke up in 2020.

This election is between two groups: The Activists and the Silent Majority.

The Activists have been running this country for 30-40 years, starting with all the political correctness of the 80s. They run around yelling “fire”, all the while a firehose is down by their feet, but, they won’t pick it up to put the fire out. They just want to raise their voice about their issue, but actually do nothing to fix that issue.

The Silent Majority have been lazy, quiet, and just sitting back watching all this. But, 2020 has awoken all of them. 2016 only woke a few. They are tired of being pushed around, and told that their Country sucks. They see that Trump can/will fix all this. He’s harsh, not politically correct at all, and says what’s on his mind.

This year, its a fight between these two groups… Let’s just sit back and watch who wins.

Regardless of which party is in office, whether you love them or hate them, America is still the greatest country in the world.

It’s a tough pill to swallow if your party loses, but it’s the reality.

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