July 16, 2024

… were Outside

If we are to emerge from this attempt by the world’s totalitarians (an amalgam of billionaires, millionaires, and leftists) to weaponize COVID and wokeness to end the democratic republics that have held sway for more than 200 years, and to reinstate the totalitarianism that has been the world’s norm for most of humankind, the only way to do it is to push back.

Refuse to be silenced, ridicule these self-styled “elite,” speak the truth whenever and wherever you can, and just say “no,” as Martin Luther King and Gandhi both did (and that’s true regardless of how one feels about their politics).

We’re in a war of ideas and our ideas win only if we speak them loudly and proudly.

Face the facts: a lot of people prefer power to prosperity… and that includes almost everyone within the DC beltway.

The central competition in public life is not really between Democrats and Republicans or liberals and conservatives. It is between those who go about their business… helping each other… providing goods and services to each other… building wealth and families… and those who want to stop them.

We are the Outsiders!! Elites VS Outsiders

Speak Your Mind