May 26, 2024


The study of Leslie

My favorite things: Random acts of kindness that can change my entire day, Things working out when you just don’t think it’s possible, funny people and shoes.

My least favorite things: Slow talkers, spiders, rejection and mean people.

Celebrity Fashion Style: Nicole Richie / Bohemian Chic – I can venture often but no doubt girls got style.

Hobbies: Hoarding, crafting, painting and taking pictures!

Vices: My foul mouth, poor grammar, My need for caffeine,  talking too much, anxiety issues, and then again there is the hoarding. (If anyone is thinking my abnormal caffeine intake may contribute to my anxiety.. I have thought of that).

Motto Today: Happy is not something I want to be one day.. It’s something I want and choose to be every day. (this took me almost exactly 30 years to learn)

Relationships and Life: I am a single girl in her 30’s…. and guess what? I am not panicking. Okay maybe I panic a little sometimes, but after the frightful thought of possibly never getting married or having children…  I realize that life is damn good!

skydivingI am free as a bird! I can eat in bed, travel, my pajamas don’t have to match and I can have an INSANELY large closet and take up the entire thing! SCORE!

I am not saying I am not open to that certain fairytale.. I am just saying that it would have to be one heck of a guy to get me to commit right now!

I am not a person of religion although I enjoy learning about them and understanding people’s beliefs. I love happiness and I support almost anything that brings it to people.

I am a person of morals. I am aware that my decisions create my life and that much of my happiness depends on my perspective and reactions to the things around me. My life is always better when I remember to be thankful for what I have.