May 26, 2024

Best Bodies

When it comes to winning the title of “best body“,  a few ladies come to mind. Having a hot body is not code for how to starve myself,  it means having curves, being fit, eating healthy, and having a little meat on your body. No stick figures here ladies! So here are my “top 5” best bodies of 2011.

No. 1. Jessica Biel: The athletic mogul

Jessica Biel tops out at my number 1 spot because she is fit and toned, yet she still has her curves. She doesn’t deprive herself of food and she maintains a healthy balance of diet and exercise.  Her body is built on sports, healthy eating, hard work, and dedicated workouts. LOVE THIS CHICK!

No. 2. Jennifer Anniston – Over 40 and FABULOUS!

Jennifer Anniston is a smokin’ hot body icon. She is over 40, and still rocks the bathing suit. She lives a very healthy lifestyle and dedicates herself to yoga and pilates. She is a wonderful advocate for girls because she is proof that with hard work and dedication, you can maintain a tight and tone body, no matter how old you are. LOVE HER!

No. 3. Audrina Patridge -The Reality Star 

Audrina made the list because she credits her fit bod to hiking, jogging, pilates, and biking. You gotta love a girl who will get out there and “work” to get herself in shape. She has curves, yet I could wash my t-shirt on her abs. She has strong and sexy legs, toned arms, and abs to die for.. or puke for.. (just kidding, ladies), that is a no no!

No.4. Jessica Alba – The fab mommy

Jess has always been a top fav of mine, because lets be honest. She is naturally gorgeous! *sigh*. She has everything you could ask for. She has curves, she has definition, she loves working out, eating right, and now has 2 toddlers helping to keep that pre-baby figure of hers! She is gorgeous inside and out. A true favorite of mine! 

No.5. The Infamous Kim K

You know I had to put Kim Kardashian on my list at some point. The girl has curves and she knows how to use them! Kim is what the “ideal” girl should WANT to look like. She isn’t about starving herself or working out 7 days a week, she eats what she wants, and she maintains her figure. I love that she is bringing the curvaceous look back into reality. The girl is fly. Enough said.

Now those are my personal picks of the best bodies. What do you think? Do you agree or do you not? Tell us whatcha think! We may post your personal pics on our website to be featured.