July 16, 2024

Breath of Life

By Anna Pociask at annapociaskphotography.com

What you are about to see are images that capture life in someones home….where a child can feel comfortable in his own atmosphere, showing off with his favorite toys, cuddling with his momma, being mischief, and cleaning up in style.

The more I take pics of my kids everyday in my home, capturing their everyday love, downs, and life; the more I realized thats what people were most drawn to. It brings me so much joy to come into the comfort of ones home, and for parents to not worry about stressing over fancy outfits and their kids giving the perfect smile, but for the family to interact as they do from day to day.

I will offer these sessions only in black and white to make the emotion that much more dramatic.

This is something fresh, something new, a breath of life I want to capture for YOU…….

Visit my blog and SET UP YOUR SESSION TODAY! I am located in the Huntsville, AL area but am willing to travel… just ask!


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