April 25, 2024

Love and Sex


First things first ladies. We have to learn to love ourselves. It makes all the difference in dating. I mean heck it helps to be someone you would date right?

Some of us are no stranger to the dating world while some may be new to the experience. We are probably more similar than we think. I know I know… you are the exception ;). Become a dating pro… or give others your expert tips.


Good ole’ Wedlock. Social Union or Legal Contract. I guess it’s both for most people but how does it work? What are the keys to a successful marriage? Learn about important topics and share your experiences. If you ever ask yourself, “is this normal?” “Are other couples dealing with this very issue?” The answer is probably yes. Learn more by clicking below.

Break Ups

Breaking up is hard to do… IT SUCKS! Let’s talk about it. Yes, it partially comes down to time and all that, but there are some other things you can do. Or do we have this all wrong and you need to break up with someone. We can help you there too. Need a preview? We know it is the millennium changing your facebook status is still NOT an okay way of giving someone the boot!

In the bedroom

It’s all the rage, or maybe it isn’t. There are ways to spice it up. If you think you’ve already hit the sexual “jackout,” there are always new things to try. This is the place for getting down and dirty. Discuss all the things you were too modest to tell your friends.